Best Sewing Scissors You Need to Have in 2024

Sewing is an art that requires precision, and the right tools can elevate your crafting experience. Among these, scissors play a pivotal role. Whether you're a seasoned tailor, a quilting enthusiast, or a beginner in hand sewing, choosing the right scissors is crucial for your project's success. In 2024, the market is brimming with options, but here are some of the best scissors, each with its unique features, making them a must-have in your sewing kit.


Gingher 8 Inch Dressmaker Shears: The Classic Choice for Tailors

Gingher's 8-inch Dressmaker Shears are a classic choice for anyone serious about sewing. Made from high carbon steel, these shears are designed for durability and precision cutting. The serrated blades provide a grip on fabrics, ensuring a clean cut through multiple layers, which is essential for dressmaking and quilting. Their comfortable grip and medium-sized bent handles make them ideal for extended use, reducing hand fatigue. They are particularly suited for tailors and dressmakers looking for reliable, long-lasting shears.


Fiskars RazorEdge Fabric Shears: Perfect for Precision Tabletop Cutting

Fiskars RazorEdge Fabric Shears are the go-to scissors for precision tabletop cutting. Their unique handle shape allows the fabric to lie flat, minimizing lifting and movement for more accurate cutting. The premium-grade stainless steel blades with a precisely honed edge glide through fabric, making them ideal for materials like silk, light leather, and polyester. These shears are perfect for sewists who prioritize precision in their projects.

SINGER Professional Series Scissors: Ergonomic Comfort for Crafters

SINGER's Professional Series Scissors are designed with the crafter's comfort in mind. These scissors feature stainless steel blades that are not only durable but also offer a rubberized comfort grip handle. This design makes them ideal for long crafting sessions, reducing the strain on fingers and hands. They are a great addition to any sewing kit, suitable for various art and craft projects.


4.1-inch High-carbon Steel Scissors: Compact and Versatile for Various Materials

These 4.1-inch scissors made of high-quality high-carbon steel are the epitome of versatility. Compact and lightweight, they are perfect for cutting a variety of materials like fabric, thread, and fishing line. Their sharp blade ensures precision in every cut, making them a must-have for detailed work in sewing and crafting.

12 Inch Premium Tailor Scissors: The Professional's Choice

These 12-inch premium scissors are a dream for professional tailors. Forged with Japanese high carbon steel, they promise unparalleled sharpness and flexibility. The ergonomic soft-grip handle provides maximum comfort and control, making them ideal for extended use in sewing, tailoring, and crafting. They are the perfect tool for working with heavy materials like leather, jeans, and canvas.


BIHRTC 4.5-inch Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Scissors: A Delicate Touch for Embroidery and Handicraft

BIHRTC's 4.5-inch scissors are a delicate yet durable choice, perfect for embroidery and other handicrafts. They come with a protective leather cover, ensuring safety and longevity. Their stainless steel construction guarantees sharpness and rust resistance, while their lightweight design makes them easy to handle for intricate work.

Singer 8.5-inch Professional Series Scissors: Heavy Duty and Comfort-Driven

Singer's 8.5-inch Professional Series Scissors are the heavy-duty option for those working with multiple layers of fabric. Their rubberized comfort grip handle provides ease during cutting, and the blades are tempered and ground on both sides for increased sharpness and longer life. These are ideal for sewists tackling large projects that require durability and comfort.


Fiskars Softgrip Pinking Shears: For Clean Edges and Fray Prevention

Fiskars Softgrip Pinking Shears are essential for anyone looking to add a professional touch to their sewing projects. Their zigzag pattern not only adds a decorative edge but also prevents fraying, making them ideal for finishing seams. The ergonomic handle with Softgrip® reduces hand fatigue, making them suitable for large projects.

AUTOTOOLHOME Automatic Fabric Cutter: Innovative and Versatile for Crafting

AUTOTOOLHOME's Automatic Fabric Cutter is a game-changer for crafters and quilters. It comes with multiple blade options for different cutting styles, including straight, pinking, and skip blades. The safety-sliding button and ergonomic handle design make it a safe and comfortable choice for all-day crafting. This cutter is perfect for those who want versatility and efficiency in their sewing tools.


WA Portman Cutting Mat and Cutter Set: Complete Set for Precision and Convenience

This Cutter Set is a comprehensive solution for those seeking precision in fabric cutting. The set includes a 45mm rotary cutter, a self-healing cutting mat, and a sewing ruler, making it ideal for quilting and other fabric crafts. The high-grade rotary blade and durable cutting mat ensure precise cuts, while the clear ruler aids in accurate measurement, essential for any quilting project.

In 2024, having the right scissors for your sewing project can significantly enhance your crafting experience. Each of these scissors offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you're cutting delicate fabrics, working on quilting projects, or needing precision in appliqué, there's a scissor designed for the task. By choosing the right scissors, you can ensure efficiency, precision, and comfort in all your sewing endeavors.